Waste Compactor Equipment

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Our goal is to offer waste compactor services that meet all of our customers needs.

Waste Compactor Equipment

Waste Compactors

Compactors are designed to handle permanent, high-volume applications in the most efficient manner. These systems work well in commercial, retail, multi-family and recycling applications. Our waste compactor services can provide a full-service lease for any type of compactor designed to meet customers’ needs. Each installation is 100% customized to the specific customer's application.

Highrise Compactors

Highrise Waste Compactors are custom designed to fit into apartment facility trash rooms with limited space. They will help you maximize your space while also maximizing your budget!

Vertical Trash Compactors

These compact, liquid-tight units are designed to eliminate the need for multiple FEL containers. They can be loaded from the ground, dock, or through a wall with an optional chute-fed system. The vertical compactor is designed to allow customized loading options along with versatility in the container size allow for volume growth without the need to change compactors.

Self Contained Compactors

These units are designed to be placed outdoors and offer a 4:1 Compaction Ratio for your Trash needs. Self Contained Compactors are ideal for any type of food waste as this unit is picked up in its entirety and dumped and then brought back to the customer.

Self-contained waste compactor

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Stationary Compactors

Stationary units are ideal for Recycling and other dry material. With Stationary units, the hauler will remove the “Receiver Box” from the power unit and take it to the landfill while leaving the power unit at the property bolted into place.

Stationary waste compactor

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