6-Yard Dumpster Rental

6-Yard Dumpster Rental Houston, TX

Our 6-yard dumpsters are a great option for commercial office buildings, retail businesses, multifamily property use, and much more.

At Houston Waste Services, we pride ourselves in providing businesses all over Houston with reliable waste management services tailored to meet their needs. As a business, efficient waste disposal is an absolute must. We strive to ensure that all of Houston’s businesses have a reliable source for waste management solutions.

6-Yard Dumpster Rental Size

Our 6-yard dumpster rentals are great for medium-sized brick and mortar businesses looking to invest in easy and reliable waste management. Our 6-yard dumpsters are approximately 6 ft long, 5 ft wide, and 6 ft high.

A dumpster of this capacity is more than capable of handling a medium-size business’s waste needs and can hold up to 42 full bags of garbage at a time.

6-Yard Dumpster Rental Cost

Costs for 6-yard waste containers vary and will depend on the location of your business, how frequently you would like it emptied, as well as the addition of any taxes or local disposal fees.

6 yard dumpster rental
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If you are a medium-sized business looking for a reliable waste solution, then reach out to get a quote today on one of our 6-Yard Dumpsters.

If you’re looking for dependable 6-Yard dumpster rental and trash service in Houston, TX – Give the Professionals at Houston Waste Services a call today at (281) 817-1106.

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Is a 6-Yard Dumpster Right for My Business’s Waste Needs?

Our 6-yard dumpsters are perfect for medium-sized businesses looking for compatible waste solutions. Businesses like gas stations, mid-sized office buildings, and even small apartment complexes, do very well with our 6-yard waste containers.

If you are having a hard time choosing the best size dumpster rental for your waste needs, give us a call at (281) 817-1106. Our experienced waste management team is happy to discuss your options and provide you with optimal solutions tailored to meet your needs.

Here are a few questions we may ask to help you make the right decision:

  • What type of debris/waste does your business need to dispose of?
  • What are the day to day number of trash bags generated by your business?
  • Where are you wanting your dumpster placed and will there be challenges in relation to accessibility by the garbage truck?
  • What is your preferred pickup frequency?

Additional Dumpster Rental Options

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